The cross-town rivalry continues


The Belvidere North football team participates in drills at practice.

Matt Belinson , Reporter

      In sports, rivalries are as deeply rooted in the game as the superfans and the players themselves. Belvidere has its own rivalry and it begins again on Sept. 2. Belvidere comes to the Blue Thunder’s home field after losing to Boylan last week. Belvidere North won their first conference game against Jefferson and is looking to improve their record.

     Belvidere High School was put into the conference in 1963 and found itself winning two state championships. Belvidere North joined the NIC-10 conference in 2007 and knew that two Belvidere schools in the same conference would make for a “cross-town rivalry”. The varsity quarterback knows what this rivalry means.

     “I think it matters more than the Boylan or Hononegah games because we are a new school and we still want to prove ourselves. It matters more because we are in the same town and this town takes the football games seriously,” said varsity quarterback Bennett O’Connell (‘16).

     When the two teams play on Friday, the town of Belvidere will come together to root for their side of the town. But why does North want to win so badly?

     “We know a lot of these guys we are playing and we want the town to respect us more than they usually do. North wants to always have control of the town in sports, it’s time to prove it,” said Connell.

     With the first sports rivalry game of the year for both schools, the rivalry of Belvidere will restart and begin all new stories to share.