iOS 10 update


iOS 10 was released on September 13.

Ben Clanin, co-sports editor

      iOS 10 is now officially out after months of anticipation, partnered with the release of the iPhone 7 and 7s, Apple’s newest software update is one of the most innovative yet.  The update completely overhauls the lock screen, instead of swiping right to enter your password that now brings up Siri app suggestions, your upcoming events in your calendar, and breaking news stories.  Also the notifications on the lock screen now appear in bubbles, and the background of the phone will no longer be distorted when a new notification appears.

     Once you get into the phone the biggest noticeable change is in the messages app and Apple Music.  Messages have become more streamlined and you are now able to put a contact picture next to the person’s name. Also there are new added features to send in texts such as gifs.  

     “Sending gifs to my friends is honestly one of my favorite things to do now,” said Elise Rand (‘17).  The gifs are almost endless, there is a search bar so it is convenient to find the best moving pictures for whatever situation, from any show, movie, or video game.

     Apple music also received an overhaul, they changed the layout of the shortcut menus and the search bar now shows recent searches.  Not only that but it shows many of the new albums and songs that get downloaded. The library now has options to take you to your playlists, artists, albums, songs, and downloaded music.  

     “I think that Apple Music was better before the update, but it isn’t that horrible once you get used to it,” said Adam Veruchi (‘17).  

     Sometimes though the new software makes older versions of the IPhone a little slow and some apps glitch sometimes, like snapchat.  

     “Snapchat has kind of lagged a lot since I got the update, but it doesn’t happen every time.  It is a little annoying but really it isn’t that big of a deal,” said Veruchi.