Horror movies for Halloween


Burke Cochran, reporter

      The Poltergeist film is famous among its kind, a true testament to the horror genre. While it may be a film scary in and of itself, there were many facts beyond the viewing that sends shivers up the viewer’s spine. For example, the skeletons used in the films were real skeletons. The makeup artist working on the film, Craig Reardon, said that real skeletons would be cheaper than the plastic ones back in the day. Not only this, but many of the actors working on the film had untimely and disastrous deaths, in keeping with the “Poltergeist curse.”

      While, thankfully, not all horror movies have real dead bodies or original curses, there are still many horror movies that are blood-curdling and spine-chilling.

      Mr. John Paddock (‘93) recollects one of the scariest movies of his childhood, Salem’s Lot. This movie was based on a horror movie by the famous horror author, Stephen King.

    “The scariest part of the movie was when the vampires knock on the window,” says Mr. Paddock. In the movie, a classic vampiric horror, vampires come and beckon people to open the window, only to their surprise what would happen when they open it…

     Sofi Zeman (‘19) also has a widely enjoyed horror favorite, Amityville Horror. In this movie, a man becomes possessed by a demon haunting their house, and attempts to kill his family. During it’s time, it was the basis of the horror genre, topping the charts when it came out in 1977.

      “It was definitely the scariest part of the movie was when the man was about to shoot his kids,” says Zeman. It’s easy to see why this movie still haunts people to this day.

      Another movie filled with the usual supernatural and quirky characters, The Conjuring is a fan favorite. This movie focuses on a couple of paranormal investigators and demonologists investigating an unknown presence in a secluded farmhouse. Even more horrifying is that this movie is based on true case files from paranormal investigators.

      For people looking for nice halloween activities, watching a horror movie is always a good choice.