Ask Abby


Lizzy Darling, Photo Editor

Welcome to Ask Abby

What is it?  An anonymous help column.  Students can turn in their school or personal problems and Abby will do her best to answer and use her experience to solve the issue.  

When can I turn it in?  Turn ins will be due on Tuesday before 3rd hour to be uploaded on the website by Friday.  

Where do I turn it in?  In room 1220 there will be a box by the door labeled Ask Abby, just go ahead and throw it in there.  

Why participate in Ask Abby? Well Abby has been through many issues within her lifetime.  Her experiences will give you the best possible answer in solving these dilemmas.

How?  This is super easy, just write the situation on a piece of paper and turn it in, no name no nothing.  

Don’t be embarrassed because you will not be the only one going through it and someone will be going through it soon in the future.       

WE START NEXT WEEK!! So turn in your questions.