A question for any makeup lover


Any makeup lover applies mascara.

Bella Keher, Showcase editor

      Mascara is almost a necessity for any makeup lover. Mascara first appeared in Ancient Egypt back in 3400-30 B.C.. Mascara is used to deepen and amplify eyelashes.

     Mascara can be found in any color, but mainly black. The theory of girls not being able to keep their mouth closed as they apply mascara is very real. Most girls can attest to this and agree that having their mouth open while applying mascara is very helpful. Keeping your mouth open while applying mascara opens your eyes more. Having your eye open more allows easier access to the eye lashes.

     There really is no statistic or reasons behind this other than your eye widens when your mouth is open. Yes there are other ways to widen your eye, but this method seems to work the best. Plus you can get a good laugh if you ever watch someone do it.