Preview of Beauty and the Beast


Nora Stilwell, Co-editor in chief

      Based on the Disney animation directed by Linda Woolverton and released in 1991, Disney Pictures recently filmed a live-action making of Beauty and The Beast.

      In this romantic movie production, Belle (Emma Watson) is taken hostage by a fearsome beast (Dan Stevens) in exchange for the release of her father Maurice (Kevin Kline), unaware that her imprisoner is a bewitched prince. However, throughout the story, Belle starts to grow fond of the enchanted castle despite her fears. Soon, Belle begins to draw the arrogant Beast out of his solitude, and looks past the Beast`s cruel ways to see the kind hearted prince trapped within him.

      Just as Belle and the Beast start to become content with their life together, a sportsman by the name of Gaston (Luke Evans) is on the hunt to take Belle for his pleasure and kill the Beast. Realizing that Belle has fallen for the Beast, Gaston grows furious and will stop at nothing to defeat the Beast.

      Fans are already raving about the remaking of the film. The Beauty and The Beast preview has already broken records on YouTube exceeding the number of views for trailers. Directed by Bill Condon, the live action of Walt Disney Pictures` production Beauty and the Beast will be released in theatres on March 17, 2017.