Christmasless holiday


Sofi Zeman, features co-editor

     For some people, Christmas is a time of family togetherness and gift giving. Others view it as a religious experience, celebrating the birth of Christ. But, some people simply don’t celebrate Christmas. As the rest of the world is living blissfully in the haze of the holiday season, there is a surprisingly large group of people who either have their own festivities to partake in or do not celebrate anything at all.

     Religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims and those of Jewish faith step aside from the antics of Kris Kringle to do their own celebrations.

      About one million Jehovah’s witnesses nationwide do not celebrate any holidays whatsoever. Some people of Muslim faith st      It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year; mistletoe is hung, trees are lit, holiday cheer and carols fill the air worldwide. This is Christmas time.

ill partake in Christmas traditions but don’t acknowledge the birth of Christ as what they are celebrating. An African American celebration that some take part in is Kwanzaa. Many who do not have any religious beliefs still take part in festivities. Some, on the other hand, simply do not do anything at all. Jewish people have Hanukkah instead Christmas, which is an eight day celebration that revolves around Passover and the lighting of the menora. Mrs. Kroepel, an English teacher at Belvidere North, celebrates Hanukkah.

     “A tradition my family has for Hanukkah is making latkes. They’re similar to pancakes but made with potatoes. My favorite seasonal memory would probably be my son Gabe’s first Hanukkah,” said Kroepel.

     To some, it sounds unimaginable to step out on Christmas; but when it comes down to it, it’s just one of many different holiday celebrations.