Bears sign Mike Glennon


Connor Walsh , Co-Sports Editor

     The Chicago Bears have finally answered all the questions of who will be their new quarterback.  They signed signal caller Mike Glennon, who was formerly the backup quarterback to Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay.  They signed him for a three year 43.2 million dollar deal, a price that many believe to be too high.  

     The deal for Glennon really started to surface after the Patriots revealed the price tag for their backup Jimmy Garoppolo, which was two first round picks at the least.  With the Bears needing much more than just a QB in the draft, it was too high of a price to pay for someone who was as unproven as Garoppolo.  After they released franchise headache Jay Cutler, they quickly moved in and made the move for Glennon.  

     The common idea is that Chicago is going to use him as a placeholder, and that they will select a young signal caller in this years draft.  Having Glennon will give them a reliable veteran presence, who is capable of giving the team a chance to win.  It also gives them a mentor for whoever they decide to draft, giving them time to develop instead of being thrown into the fire when they are not ready.  

     While many believe that he was payed far too much, many also agree that the Bears got a quality player that helps fill a big need.  Finding a quality quarterback is one of the most challenging things for a team to do, and it’s almost impossible to win without one.  Glennon represents one of the few quality quarterbacks that were a realistic option for the Bears, and with more salary cap room than they knew what to do with, they were willing to overpay for him.  

     Overall, the team knows what it’s getting with Glennon.  They are getting a reliable quarterback, someone who is steady but unspectacular.  They have managed to get themselves the perfect placeholder quarterback that they needed.