How To Choose Your Classes For Next Year


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     School is coming to an end and choosing your classes for next year has arrived. There are tons of classes to choose from and being sure to pick out the right ones is very stressful. Belvidere North offers a wide variety of classes for students to take. There is a class for everyone no matter what you’re interested in.

     There are always required classes for every grade. If you are curious about these, you can check in with your counselor for verification but they are typically english, history, and math classes. Gym is also a requirement for most students unless you can waiver out, are in driver’s ed, or in health. Students that are in marching band may also have the option to waiver out. Some of these classes need to be taken during specific years but most math classes can be taken whenever but in order to graduate you must have three years of math. Again, if you have any questions about required classes make an appointment with your counselor to clear up any confusion.

     Students will also have the option to take art, music, or language classes. If these don’t appeal to you, you can take a career or tech class. One credit of any of these classes is required in order to graduate. There are many art classes available for students to sign up for. Art one and art two are options. You can also take drawing and painting, advanced drawing and painting, or ceramics. If art isn’t your thing, you can take a music class. There’s band, chorus, and several others. Belvidere North offers Spanish and German language classes for students that are interested in learning a new language. For students into technology and career classes, they have various options. There’s intro to construction, intro to automobiles, and more advanced classes.

     Belvidere North students need 24 credits in order to graduate. A few of the requirements for graduation include three math credits, four english credits, and two history credits. Students that have any questions about classes should ask their counselor to be sure. If they prefer not to, there are graduation requirements posted on the district’s website.