Meet the new rangers


Cassiana Pozzi, entertainment editor

     Growing up, some people watched the Power Rangers or played their video games. This Friday, March 24, Power Rangers comes to theaters with a new look, a new enemy and a new cast. The red Power Ranger is played by Dacre Montgomery, the yellow Power Ranger is played by Becky G, the blue Power Ranger is played by RJ Cyler, the pink Power Ranger is played by Naomi Scott and the black Power Ranger is played by Ludi Lin. It has been 20 years since the last Power Rangers movie and the original actor of the red Power Ranger will make a cameo.

     Reviews that had recently come out are half and half with some positive and some negative. The movie was making headlines for featuring the first openly gay superhero, the yellow Power Ranger, Trini. Some more positives include the special effects and costume design that were both noted in most reviews. But there were some negatives. One review stated that you don’t see the actual Power Ranger suits or real conflict until the one hour and 30 minute mark. Some critics are even comparing the new film to the unfortunate reboot of Marvel’s Fantastic Four, saying the directing job was carelessly done and it can not be compared to the original film.

     The Power Rangers movie will officially be released this Friday in hopes of making more than their $105 million film budget. Most critics are setting fans up for disappointment despite the overwhelming marketing and numerous TV spot trailers. Some fans may decide whether or not the movie can live up to the original or will it fall behind in the box office.