“Jesus Loves Us For Free”


Lily Bakulski

White out. . . the first football theme of the year that was picked by Blue Crew at Belvidere North High School. We played Boylan, the Catholic school in our conference and the pre-season number one pick to win the NIC-10 conference. North’s football players do not fear Boylan and they came out with their best effort to beat the Titans.

At first, Blue Crew wanted the theme to be togas and robes for Friday’s game, but everyone complained and said it was a bad idea. I agree, it was a really bad idea. So, Blue Crew decided on White Out and something very unexpected came with them on Friday night’s game. Many Blue Crew members came with black crosses painted on to the middle of their foreheads. Everybody responded the same way, well at least for our side. Boylan thought it was inappropriate and disrespectful, but everyone at North thought it was hilarious. Hannah Johnson (‘18) was seen wearing a nun cap and many students were wearing crosses around their necks.

“No comment on the crosses, haha, but white out was a blast and our section had a lot of spirit and energy. Great start to the year,” said Morgan Mcnulty (‘18). One sign even said “Jesus loves us for free” and the entire student section got a kick out of that.

There are bigger things to worry about than a student section at a football game. The Titans’ football team may have won, but our student section did their job and killed it out there. Everything we wore was for fun. There are people dying in Texas and these students are really worried about being made fun of for the school they attend. Loosen up and have a little fun.

“Boylan should have taken everything as a joke and should not have found it as offensive as they did when half the kids in our Blue Crew are also Catholics,” said Kylie Johnson (‘18).

So the argument still continues, but Blue Crew will continue to keep the student section as they always are, full of energy and spirit. It is always fun to be a part of something that gives you memories that will last a lifetime. Jesus will continue to love me and many others for free and we will continue to say our prayers for free as well.