Homecoming Do’s And Don’ts


Caroline Flynn

A group of Belvidere North students enjoying last year’s prom

Emily Wendlandt, Reporter

Homecoming: a traditional dance welcoming back students for the new school year. Whether this is your first homecoming or your last, each year brings something new to the dance floor and there are some things you should be aware of before going in. There’s a long list of Do’s and Don’ts you should know, and it all starts with the invitation.

     Do: go to homecoming at least once. The music, the atmosphere and the company are what you should remember and if you skip out on the dance every year you’re bound to miss out on some memorable moments.

     “Hoco is a time where people just get to kick back and have a good time. A tip I’d give to someone who’s never gone is to find a friend group to go with and have the time of your life,” said Kayla Hill (18’).

     Don’t: stress.

”Don’t forget to have fun, just enjoy the night for what it is,” said by Cassiana Pozzi (18’).

     The meaning of homecoming is truly to have a fun night, and it will be if you’re in good company. Which brings me to another point, you do not need to have a date for homecoming, don’t worry about the boy or girl. Homecoming can be just as or even more fun with a group of friends. When it comes to the dress, the only advice I have is to be expressive. Whatever you want to wear, you should, whether it’s trendy or not, it should be what fits your style and budget.

     Do: let yourself go. Homecoming shouldn’t be a night of wallflowers and panic. Where’s the fun in that? Warming up to the idea of careless dancing in front of your peers might be intimidating for some of you and that’s alright. But I know from experience, a night of worrying and caring about outside judgement isn’t a night well spent. So, get out there and have a good time, regardless of who’s watching.

     Homecoming could be a good time or a nightmare, it all depends on the choices you make. Don’t stress, let yourself go, and surround yourself with the company you enjoy and trust me, the night will be a highschool highlight.