North’s Dominate Volleyball Team


Matt Belinson, Sports Editor

Belvidere North has a large amount of successful sports programs and the volleyball team is having a memorable season of their own.

     North’s varsity volleyball team is on the top of the NIC-10 Conference with a 12-6 record. North has defeated all but one team in conference and was able to win big games, even without most of their starters available.

     “We obviously missed having Danielle and Peyton, but knowing how we good we were without them, shows us that we are basically unstoppable with them on the court with us,” said Nicole Ackerman (‘18).

     North volleyball finished in the top three last year and had basically the same roster so most of the team knew what each player needed to succeed.

     “We provide each other with teamwork and hard work each practice and match,” said Danielle Leider (‘18).

     Leider and Sewell missed six games each but North managed to go 5-1 without them. North is in the NIC-10 conference, which always has tough competition for the top of the conference.

     “Boylan, East and Hononegah always challenge us,” said Danielle Leider (‘18).

      North beat Guilford, who was tied with North for first in conference, in three sets. North won the first, then lost the second and won the third.

      Belvidere North will close out the conference season with Boylan on October 12, Jefferson October 17, Freeport October 18 and at Belvidere on October 19.