Coming, or coming back to, TV this fall


The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore and aired September 25.

Cassiana Pozzi, Editor-in-Chief

     While some people, when the fall season rolls around, get out their boots, scarves, and sweaters, others grab for the TV remote. While we welcome back some fan favorites, we also open up some space in our recording schedule for a few new additions.

     To start a long list, let’s go over some returning big hit shows. This Is Us, the NBC hit talked about by millions, returns after leaving fans on the edge of their seats. This series is most known for its dramatic and heartfelt storylines so those who are interested should most certainly keep a tissue box close by. Another returning sitcom, one we haven’t seen on our television screens, is back with two new seasons. Will and Grace, also on NBC, proves to still be enjoyable to audiences with comedic dialogue and continuous bickering between Will and Grace themselves. To get more on the darker side of television, American Horror Story has also returned with an edgy new season, Cult. While critics go back and forth with this one, the new plot is just as crazy as past seasons, keeping watchers interested. Another return is Gotham,  a FOX television show that covers the back story of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Fans and critics rave about this new season, even remarking each of the episodes being “excellent” and “surprising.” Some more honorable mentions that return this fall include Riverdale, Stranger Things, Modern Family, The Middle, Scandal, and The Good Place.

     Along with the popular returns, a lot of new shows will be airing this season, some you might have to add to your list. The Good Doctor, starring Freddie Highmore, is unlike any other hospital show currently on TV. And because of that it is the season’s top freshman drama with an average of 11.1 million views. Young Sheldon, a The Big Bang Theory prequel, has only aired a single preview episode but is expected to do even better by the time of the premiere on Nov. 2. But some shows did not do as great as some intended. Marvel’s Inhumans was criticized to be a true fail with only 3.4 million viewers, but problems with the series were brought to light way before the premiere. The Orville had a strong opening but hasn’t been able to reach that same level since it first premiered.

     So whether people enjoy drama, comedy, crime, or action, or they’re looking for a new show to get into or excited for a favorite to come back, chances are there is something on TV this fall that will spark some interest.