Belvidere’s Halloween Party

Belvideres Halloween Party

Hayley Redner, Reporter

As Halloween is approaching there are many fun festivities for children and even adults to participate in, including local haunted houses or even carving pumpkins to get in the Halloween spirit. A major event right here in Belvidere is the IOU Club Halloween Parade. This parade has been happening for decades now and hundreds of people from the community attend. This rain or shine event is very popular and kids love dressing up in their costumes and walking through town getting candy.

     Kids get two chances to put on their costumes as the parade is typically held the night before Halloween, Monday October 30. The line up for the parade is 6:00pm and step off is 7:00pm. The route for everyone to walk starts at North State and Boone Street area and continues south across town and over the bridge. As you walk through town, there is candy given out and everyone is in the Halloween spirit.

     Amanda Lawson (‘18) says, “I love Halloween, seeing everyone dressed up is fun and going to haunted houses or carving pumpkins is perfect to have all my friends get together.”

      Fall season is a very popular season and for many reasons at that.

     The Belvidere parade ends at the community building complex parking lot and refreshments will be served. Usually there are people serving hot dogs as this event is very popular. If you aren’t walking in the parade, many volunteer to help put this event together.   

     Sara Redig (‘18) says, “My family attended the parade last year and my younger sister and brother really enjoyed dressing up and seeing everyone else’s costumes, they saw a lot of their friends and it was a really good time. There was finally something to do in Belvidere.” The parade lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.

     For any more information you can contact Jerry Larson at 815-547-5857 with your questions.