Annual ILMEA auditions


Camille Spencer, Reporter

The national association for music and music education where students audition to be a part of an ensemble that perform for students, parents, educators etc, is known as ILMEA. ILMEA is short for the Illinois Music Education Association. This annual event is offered here at Belvidere North and other schools throughout the state of Illinois to band and chorus students.
This year, auditions were held on October 12, at Jefferson High School. The students are put into two different divisions depending on their grade. There’s the junior division and the senior division. In the chorus department there are two different choir divisions. For the junior treble chorus, the junior division is open to girls from grade seven to grade nine. the junior mixed chorus is open to grades eight and nine for girls, and seventh grade for the boys. After tenth grade, students then are apart of the senior division. In the band department there are a few different divisions. Band students can audition for jazz band, orchestra etc.
“I think ILMEA was a wonderful experience that can truly challenge your skill along with the amazing time meeting new people, especially people who are serious about playing the instrument that they do.”
For the students that make it for ILMEA, they receive all of the information for their upcoming concert that they will be performing. The junior and senior band and chorus performers have their concert on November 18, at Dekalb High School. The junior and senior band performers’ concert will be on November 11, at Rochelle Township High School.