Jonathan Heaton busted with the white powder and we are shook

Jonathan Heaton busted with the white powder and we are shook

Priscila Chavez, Reporter

     On October 27 when season 2 of Stranger Things came out on Netflix it had the fans shook on all the things that happened in those nine chapters. Things  Like new characters, Max played by Sadie Sink and Billy played by Dacre Montgomery who in this series are brother and sister. Now what came next about one of the main actors was even more awful.

     The British star,Charlie Heaton or also know as the boy with the zombie brother, Jonathan Byers was spotted at LAX airport coming from London to LA for a Stranger Things premiere in Los Angeles when Heaton was in luggage check some amounts of the white powder, cocaine were found inside his suitcases with speckles of the drug spread out onto his belongings. Heaton also did admit to consuming the drug which caused him denied entry to the U.S. leading to him being sent back to London the same day and miss the shows premiere of the new season. But he was never arrested or charged with crime because the amounts of cocaine found were not enough.

     Fans were very disappointed and hurt that Heaton would do something like this especially since his character on the show seems like a nice guy who doesn’t even drink.

     “I’m probably not the only one who is thrown off by this. I’m flabbergasted. Never would I have imagined Charlie doing such a thing. Missing the season 2 premiere of Stranger Things just because of a silly mistake is something he can’t take back,” said Citllali Perez (‘20).

     Fans have also wondered if Heaton will still be able to be on the show for another season or what the producers plan to do like recasting him or killing the character off the show.

    “I’m going to be really disappointed  if he isn’t able to continue in Stranger Things because of what he did, but he should have considered that before doing what he did,” said Cynthia Oyervides (‘18).

     Heaton then released and apologized a statement to People Magazine “My planned travel to the U.S. last week was affected by an issue at U.S. immigration, and I am working to rectify it as soon as possible. I do want to clarify I was not arrested or charged with a crime, and cooperated fully with the U.S. officials at LAX. I am sorry to all the fans and my Stranger Things family for missing the premiere. We are all so proud of this season and I would never want this story to negatively impact the show.”

     Some fans also think that new big actors seem to have tried some kind of drug while in the business or seem to have experienced with one at least one time in their careers. But who knows what his intentions were with the drug or what he planned to do with it if he ever got it through security.