Priscila Chavez, Reporter

All around the world chaos happens everyday and we can only seem to find out half of the things that are happening. The story of Zainab Ansari went viral after the media found out what had happened to the seven year old.

     On January 4, Zainab was staying with her aunt while her parents, were in Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah Pilgrimage. Later in the week relatives say, she left home for a nearby recital and ended up not returning back home. The following week, on Tuesday Zainab’s body was found in a dumpster about a mile from her home in Kasur, a town in Pakistan. Later, an autopsy revealed the horror on what had happened to Zainab, she had been raped multiple times and strangled just a couple of days earlier. She also had torture marks on her face, and her tongue was crushed between her teeth. CCTV footage shows young Zainab walk hand in hand with a stranger has been going around the media publicized by many Pakistani news outlets. Zainab’s family said the police wasn’t doing enough to help find Zainab when she was first reported missing. Which is why Zainab’s family members were the ones who first got access to the video of her walking hand in hand with a man and showed it to the police. Police have been investigating the gruesome death of Zainab since.

     “It’s a really upsetting thing to do to women of any age but to do this to such a younger girl, who hasn’t  know much of life, that’s just completely and utterly sick. I find that the ruling was right, given the circumstances and whatever happens to him, I hope that little girl and her family receive the justice they need,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20)

     With the help of police investigations and relatives the town of Kasur and Zainab’s parents finally found who had done the grim act to their child. 24 year old Imran Ali had also been linked by police to other murders and assaults in the near area. Ali is being given four death sentences for kidnapping, rape, murder, and an act or terrorism. Ali was arrested on January 23.

     Zainab’s case has triggered and angered cities leading to violent protests because of the punjab province doing too little to keep their children safe after repeatedly seeing similar killings, causing dozens being hurt and 2 deaths as the protesters rustled with the police.

     “I can’t imagine why anyone would ever doing something that horrible to a person and continue to do it to others and no one doing much about it,” said Ashley Valadez (‘18)

     Zainab’s story didn’t take to long for it to spread quickly online and onto social media. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education took to Twitter to say “Heartbroken to hear about Zainab – a 7 year old child abused and brutally killed in Kasur, Pakistan. This has to stop. Gov and the concerned authorities must take action.” And ended her tweet with the hashtag #JusticeForZainab which other twitter users have used to tweet out their thoughts on the authorities actions towards these types of situations happening and nothing being done about it.