First Student Faculty Volleyball Game


Anna Hulstedt, Reporter

North tried something new this year- DECA hosted a student faculty volleyball game. The assembly was on Friday, March 16, and it also recognized the coed competitive cheerleading team for their first place finish at state back in February. The team also won state last year and this season they placed first at sectionals for the fourth consecutive year in a row.

Usually the annual matchup is a basketball game, but this year, DECA decided to try something different. This was the first ever student faculty volleyball game.

“When hosting the student faculty game, we had to really work on setting the teams up and creating a fun half time to keep everyone entertained. We decided to create a fun game for people to serve the volleyball across the net, to land on a pizza box, allowing them to win pizza. Also, it gave them the opportunity to play volleyball. We had to sell many tickets for the half time game all raising money for the club and more events like this,” said Sam Allen (‘20), a member of Belvidere North’s DECA.

The match was broken into two 15 minute running clock halves, in which the students won both times. During halftime, six pizza boxes were placed on one side of the court, and students could pay $1 to try to hit a pizza box by serving to earn pizza coupons.

“I liked how they switched it to a timed competition versus the one and done try because serving and hitting a specific target was hard to do on the first few tries. I think it was fun competition to be a part of and the best part was that my friend, Josie Johnson (‘18), and I both hit the same box for the buzzer beater wins,” said Brookelyn Messenger (‘18).

The N-Club volleyball tournament champions were the ones to play in the game. Some teachers on the faculty side included Mr. Graffy, Miss Freeman, Mrs. Blum, Mr. Oldani, Mr. Geraci, Mrs. Torbert, and Mr. Rapp.

“I was nervous, because the student team was big and athletic. However, it was fun to hear the kids cheer when big plays were made by both the faculty and students,” said Mr. Oldani.

Many students enjoyed the engaging game, while others preferred the basketball excitement last year.

“I enjoyed playing the basketball game because anyone could sign up. But I think that volleyball is a little safer with less contact,” said Madison Diercks (‘20).

“I think it’d be fun to have a basketball game for half of the assembly and have volleyball for the other half, so then more people can get involved in the games,” said Anna Hornick (‘20).

Overall, North students always seem to enjoy an exciting student faculty game, regardless of the sport.