My First Day of School


Justin Trimble, reporter

My name is Justin Trimble I’m a sophomore at Belvidere North High School. I worked hard over the summer. With football and yard work, I usually end up earning some money throughout the summer. Then the question started popping up. Everyone and their cousins were asking me the exact same question: Are you ready for school to start? My response to this question was always the same, “Heck no.”

I’m not going to complain that much. It’s common that I wake up at around 6:30 for football, so I get to sleep in for an extra hour for school. I set my alarm for 7, then hit the snooze until that isn’t an option. I get out of bed then creep to the bathroom. After I flex in the mirror (because duh…) I get into the shower. After I get dressed, walked downstairs, and get all my school supplies together last minute and leave for school.


My 1st-hour class was newspaper with John Paddock I guess the teacher is ok. He’s very young and has a head full of hair. But he still has the same gumption as a regular high school student. All in all, I consider him more of a friend than a teacher. He said he ran in a lot of marathons and he seems like a super adventurous person. On the first day, we went over the basics of how the class would go. The entire class was mostly upperclassmen and were excited as if they had come back to an old friend. The assignment for that class was simple: add yourself to google classroom and submit 2 story ideas. That was it. Blow off, class.

2nd hour was the class I was looking forward to most. It was P.E. with coach Babcock. However, it wasn’t a regular gym class, it was the first ever advanced class. We were shown how to properly workout. We actually test and push our bodies. The first class was obviously not a hardcore workout, though. We went into the gym and set down a little bleacher set for the class to sit on. Coach Babcock gave us our student I.D. then our student handbook. Then we left. Fun class.

My 3rd class is probably going to be my hardest class of the year, it’s AP world history. Mr. Geraci has had probably three or more of my family members so luckily I’m not an uncommon name in most rooms and he was no exception. He had both my brother and my cousin last year. They all have a good relationship, so having a friend as a teacher makes the class a lot easier.

4th period I had a study hall. In there, I read the six pages that were assigned by the previous class. There are a few freshmen in that class. They can be annoying from time to time, but they are usually asking for my help: Where the bathrooms are, where their next class is, etc. I like to mess with them because I know that they can take a joke. So I usually tell them the wrong thing on purpose.

Then 5A was lunch and I sat with my friends. Everyone complains about the new paper boats instead of trays but other than that lunch is great

5B and C was a very different story, though. It was geometry with a brand new teacher. She kept saying that she wouldn’t talk AT us all year like she would the first day. I was very confused on why a person would talk to another person in favor of another person, but she seems like a good person. Overall, she’s nice but the way she teaches is very boring and feels a little sitting through a lecture.

6th and 7th hour luckily was almost the complete opposite I had Ms. Byker for language arts and Ms. Klein for chemistry. Ms. Byker is super nice and a person that you can come to with any problem. Ms. Klein is almost the exact same way.

Overall, my teachers are amazing and really made me feel comfortable coming back into school from summer. I’m looking forward to a great school year.