Greta Van Fleet: Anthem of the Peaceful Army


Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

Some may tell you that rock music is dead and that the age of rap is here to stay, but recently rock music has gone mainstream again with a band of four boys hailing from a small town in Michigan, who some say sound a lot like Led Zeppelin.

The band consists of three brothers: Jake, Josh, and Sam Kiszka, and their good friend, Danny Wagner. Jake plays the guitar, Sam on the bass, Wagner on the drums and Josh is the frontman, on vocals.

Although the band has been around since 2012, they grew immensely in 2017, attracting fans of all ages because of Josh’s voice that has been compared to sound exactly like Led Zeppelin’s, Robert Plant.

After having two EP’s out, one of them being a double EP, the band is just about to release their debut album, ‘Anthem on The Peaceful Army,’ after it’s long overdue wait.

“I’m excited about their album and I hope it lives up to expectations,” said Maddie  Gierzynski (‘20).

Their album is set for release on October 19, and it will include their newest singles  ‘When the curtain falls,’ and ‘Watching over.’ The album is set to include 11 new songs, one dedicated to the brother’s mom, Karen Kiszka.

Despite their older sound, the band are all on the younger side, with twins Jake and Josh both being 22, and Sam and Danny are 19.  

The band is often praised and recognized for their uncanny similarities to Led Zeppelin, bringing back the sound that people enjoyed most when Zeppelin went big.

The band of young rockers started off listening to a vast collection of vinyl records in their home, listening to everything from blues to rock that reflect in their music with their influences of not only Zeppelin but also musicians like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, John Denver, all the way to Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

Jake, the guitarist, first brought the idea to start a band to his brother, Josh, and they then started off playing in their garage, dragging their little brother, Sam,  in before finding their drummer Danny.

The band then started to play gigs around their hometown and in bars in neighboring towns before Jason Flom, the man who discovered Lorde and Paramore, signed them a record deal.

The band then released their hit song, ‘Highway Tune’ in 2017 before releasing their double EP ‘From the fires’ in November of that same year which consisted of four other singles and two cover songs.

They’re currently on tour promoting their upcoming album, recently adding four new shows towards the end of the year.

“I never really listened to rock music before but this band is really good and I genuinely can’t wait for what they’re about to release,” said Jada Garza (‘20).

With the release leaving many rock fans anticipating the album, it’s no secret that it will be big as they have sold out many shows and have only gone on two tours, showing just how big they’re going to be with their growth in the past two years.