The Tragic Death of Mac Miller

The Tragic Death of Mac Miller

Nico Arena, Reporter


     For some people when they constantly have the spotlight, thoughts and emotions have a lot more effect than others. Mac Miller was an artist that just couldn’t get away from the drugs. Miller was found dead in his home in LA, California on September 7th.. It wasn’t until  later that day when he was pronounced dead for drug overdose.

     Mac had problem with drugs before his death, he stated once in an interview.

     “Drugs are dangerous but they’re amazing, just dangerous,” he said.

Later on, he stated that he’s been dealing with drugs since he was only fifteen years old. He even has a DUI and a hit and run on his record from 2016 when he ran into a power pole in San Fernando Valley. This made his fans and audience break out in total shock. He was a young genius that had so much more to do with his life and his career. Sources believe that he took his own life because of brutal break up two years ago with superstar, Arianna Grande. After this news was released, Arianna looked to post on social media talking about her ex. Artists rapidly posted on social media paying their respects, and this case instantly blow up, that this could happen to anybody. Mac was thought as the happiest guy in the group by his friends and never failed to put smiles on his people. The world needs to have someone who talks to older and younger music listeners and that’s what Mac did. He brought everyone together listening to his songs and he will surely not be forgotten.