Eminem’s New Album Kamikaze


Marissa Johnson, Reporter

On August 31, 2018, Eminem released his new album; Kamikaze to digital music stores and streaming services, without any promotion or pre-announcement.

     The album was sold on his website in several formats, including bundled with merchandise such as apparel. Eminem also used social media services such as Instagram and Twitter to announce the release and has relied on the extensive feedback from diss tracks and internet hype to spread word of the album.

     Kamikaze opened at number one on the Billboard 200 with 434,000 album sales, consisting of 252,000 traditional album sales as well as 225 million streams.

     “It’s good, he spits heat,” said Tavione Wilson (‘22). Giving Eminem his largest amount of streams within a week, it became his ninth consecutive number-one album in the country, tying him with Garth Brooks and The Rolling Stones for fifth-most entries to top the chart.       

He also topped the Artist 100 chart due to album sales and song streams.

     Eminem surpassed Led Zeppelin for the most consecutive albums to reach the nation’s summit, with nine consecutive albums. On Spotify, five tracks from Kamikaze were in the top 10 of the week of September 4, including the top two spots.

     On the iTunes Store, three songs were in the top ten and Kamikaze topped the album charts in the first week of release. All eleven songs entered the Billboard Hot 100, with “Lucky You” and “The Ringer” hitting the Billboard Hot 100 at six and eight. He is the fifth artist to debut two songs in the top 10 simultaneously.

     “It’s the best album that he’s made so far, I love it! ” Caleb Karlson (‘21).

   From dissing Christina Aguilera, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey and Will Smith; and now recently, Joe Budden and probably the most talked about drama, with Machine Gun Kelly. Following Eminem’s recent diss track for Machine Gun Kelly named “KILLSHOT,” Joe Budden took to Twitter to claim Eminem is afraid of him, proving that the beef is far from over. Machine Gun Kelly surprised everyone by releasing “Rap Devil,” a full blown diss track aimed at the Rap God, on which he made numerous claims.

Eminem dropped his response titled “Killshot,” in which Eminem dissed Machine Gun Kelly about his man bun, his lack of commercial success, and even dragging his ex, Halsey, into the mix. Machine Gun Kelly took to Twitter to call the song trash while promoting his new EP Binge, scheduled for release on Friday.