New iPhone models unveiled


Will Sieracki, Reporter

     The new iPhones announced by Apple recently have been drawing nothing but positive comments. The iPhone XS and XS MAX are both being released to the public on Friday, and the iPhone XR is due to be released in October. The XS and XS MAX have been met with positive reception so far, with CNET’s review claiming that it’s a great phone and others saying that they’re the best in the industry as of right now. At Apple’s release event, new and improved features were showcased. The iPhone XS and XS MAX both have improved cameras from the X, and all three new models have Apple’s new A12 processing chip, which runs faster and is more efficient than the A11 chip. The screens also have the highest picture quality. The biggest improvement, however, is apparently the camera from iPhone X to iPhone XS. While everyone knows how great the camera is on iPhone X, the XS has better depth control when taking photos and can also record video in 4K definition, which is something no other company can say about their phones. Across the board, Apple is setting benchmarks for rival companies like Samsung to live up to and hopefully exceed. Samsung has just released the Galaxy Note 9, and while it’s also a great phone to own, it doesn’t beat out the iPhone XS. The smartphone war is one that will almost certainly never come to an end, but Apple has taken a huge advantage for now.