A New Way of Teaching

A New Way of Teaching

Matthew Turn, Reporter


     Belvidere North has had the same way of teaching since the school first opened; students go to each of their classes, sit and learn for the whole day. Though this will be changing as the school is planning to implement this new way of teaching.

     Blended classes give students and teachers more leeway with teaching while changing up the classroom as a whole. This way of teaching only requires students to be in their classes two or three days out of the week, depending on the class. Students are required to keep their grades up and do their homework when given in order to keep this privilege of not having to be physically in the classroom.

     Teachers will still give work on the days that students are not there be will be given electronically and the student can work on these while also gaining time to do other things, such as reading, studying or even sleeping. If after so many times the school warns students the school could take the privilege away from students.

     As of now, there are only two classes that are using the blended way of teaching and there soon will be more, coming out to ten in total.  Classes are “picked” as teachers have to go to Mr. Eckman and request their classes to be blended.

     Though some might say there are some drawbacks to it, but according to Mr. Naff; one of the teachers who teach a blended class, disagrees.

     “I don’t think there are necessarily any drawbacks, but students who are intrinsically motivated, organized, and willing to give their best effort will find the most success,” said Mr. Naff. There is also more than just learning differently as said by Mr. Naff,

     “In addition to writing, this class also helps prepare students with “soft skills” that employers and colleges look for (we call these “essential employability competencies) like teamwork/collaboration and time management.”

   There are already many schools that have fully implemented the blended teaching method to all their classes but here in Belvidere North will be taking a different approach as to have the option of a normal class if the student does not like the method of the blended learning has to offer.