Senior Quotes Are Back


Lily Bakulski, Sports Editor

Belvidere North High School has always had the tradition of senior quotes. Last year, Yearbook decided that it would be best not to, but editors Josie Johnson (‘19) and Georgie Rodriguez (‘19) have decided to bring them back.

Belvidere North seniors are now able to pick the quote they wish and have it under their senior yearbook picture. These quotes are usually funny or inspiring that students can look back on to remember those that have graduated from North.  Editors last year took away senior quotes because not enough sheets were turned in. They decided to put the college each senior would be attending under their picture would be better, but that was not successful either.

The yearbook class at North has a huge mission that they want to accomplish. They want to get as many seniors involved as possible which would benefit this year’s yearbook. Quotes must be appropriate and under 25 words. If they do not meet the guidelines, they will be thrown away or deleted. Also, if yearbook does not collect enough quotes, they will take away quotes for yet another year.

Both online forms and physical forms will be put out for seniors. Seniors can put them up and return them to Mr. Paddock in room 1220. The deadline for these quotes is Wednesday, December 19. The form for senior quotes has already been sent out to school emails and paper forms will be in Mr. Paddock’s room starting in early October. With senior quotes coming back, this is a way for seniors to make a mark on their last year of their high school career.