Improv Show


On November 8 Improv Anonymous showed us their acting skills as they hosted the Improv Anonymous show in the Black Box where; using the audience’s suggestion for subjects, created comedy scripts on the spot in front of the audience.

The cost to see the show was only three dollars and it lasted an entire hour and an estimated 120 people were in attendance.

The group consisted of 14 people all ranging from seniors to freshmen such as Emma Karl (22’), Kaitlyn Roth (21’), Cal Taylor (20’) and Natalie Abramat (19’).

Every person was allowed to get into almost any game and each game had its own quirks that kept the audience laughing throughout the night.

The people in Improv practiced hours before school to learn how to think on the spot and how to make funny for those watching. Just like any theater performance anyone can try out to get a spot on the team.

For Kieran Borth (‘21) this was the case as when asked why he decided to join the team he said, “I wanted to join improv because it seemed like an interesting thing to do, and I have never done it before. So I joined my freshman year, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.”

There was a donation jar there not for the show itself but for a different cause as when donating a dollar you are helping thespians who are getting presents for children in low-income families or are in foster care.

The show went well with the first time Improv chose to do the show in the Black Box instead of the usual stage performance. When asked about this Mrs. Taylor said,

“I was thrilled with the show. Many audience members who have seen shows throughout the years thought it was one of the best shows they’ve seen. I loved the intimacy of the Black Box.”

According to most of the Improv Anonymous, the show was great except for the heat that was generated over time.