This Week is Awkward. Here´s Why


Sofi Zeman, Editor-In-Chief

      It is finally here. The week we´ve been waiting for since the very first day of school. After hours of time spent in the classroom, stressing over projects and AP classes, we have finally made it to Christmas break…well, almost.

      The week before Christmas break is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable weeks of the entire school year, nearly as terrible as the week after. To most, this ends up being one of the longest weeks of the entire school year. While every student is just trying to make it to break, everyone deals with this week a little differently.

      Depending on who you have as a teacher, this is either an incredibly boring or an incredibly terrifying week. The more laid back teachers opt to watch movies all week long, which is awesome…for the first few days. After a while, doing the same thing over and over again just gets to be tiring. This final week is a field day for more intense teachers, who push their students learning abilities into overdrive and provide finals. It feels like everyone in this pool is trying to get everything done before the clock runs out. If you are lucky, you have a teacher who chooses a happy medium, blending some end of the semester school work with a little bit of relaxation.

      This week is also weird because this is the last time that the Class of 2019 will have a week like this. This is one of the last times that we will be guaranteed to see our high school friends throughout the holiday season. Next year, some things may change. Due to the chaos that is this week, however, there is no time to take a moment and appreciate any of that. This is also the last week of school at all for early graduates, who will be moving on to different things. By January, this senior class will be a just a little bit smaller.

      This is also the last week of the 2018 school year, but it really does not feel like it. This year went by crazy fast. So much has happened in the course of twelve months, and yet it really does not feel like any time has passed at all. With the lack of snow, holiday cheer is at an all time low. People don’t even know what day it is, let alone the time of year.

      Again, as weird as this week is, it is nothing compared to how everyone will be feeling after break.