How is the Government Shutdown Affecting Us?

How is the Government Shutdown Affecting Us?

Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

 In light of President Donald Trump declaring a government shutdown leading into almost 20 days, citizens and government workers alike have raised concerned on how it affects everyone… so just how does it affect us?

    A government shutdown occurs when Congress fails to pass sufficient bills or continuing to find resolutions for funding Federal government operations and agencies, or when the President refuses to sign those bills or resolutions.

    In this case, President Trump put the government on shutdown until he got the proper funding to create his 200-mile wall at the Mexican-American border that will cut down on immigration from Mexico.

    The shutdown began on December 22 and, well, “shut down” many federal agencies and left government workers to continue to work without pay.

    Over 800,000 government workers in over nine departments have continued to work without pay and have struggled during this period to pay their bills.

    Many workers struggle to figure out which bills to pay and which to hold off on as others try to find other side jobs they can take up to make a bit of income during this time.

    Other government workers have either been furloughed or been placed on temporary leave.

    The shutdown isn’t felt by most Americans just yet but if the issue were to persist into February, it will definitely affect many more as food stamps and school lunch subsidies are only confirmed to be able to provide for Americans until March.

    The shutdown affects everyone living in the U.S. as government operated agencies are closed and funding and lending loans to many Americans is not available.

    President Trump in a long going battle with the Democratic party over the federal funding for his wall, put the government on shutdown as Democrats strongly opposed his belief of putting $5.7 billion into the creation of his 30-ft wall they deemed was “ineffective” and “immoral.”

    Trump, in a meeting with Democrats before the shutdown, said he’d be “proud” to shutdown the government for “border security” and has warned that he is prepared for the shutdown to last years and he would “look foolish” to back down from his demand.

     “I think all of what’s going on right now is Trump’s cowardice actions that aren’t solving anything,” said Eduardo Nunes (‘20).

    If his threat were to play out, in just the upcoming month, we’d see many federal agencies would not be able to provide assistance to the American population including the FDA services and the USDA that would not be able to assist us if something like an outbreak were to occur.

    The shutdown is also estimated to cost the American economy $1.2 billion a week.

     Americans who also receive federal housing assistance are at risk of assistance as the Department of Housing and Urban development confirmed that 1,150 housing contracts are at risk due to the shutdown.

     Several parts of the federal government could even run out of money in a week and Trump seems fine with that.

     Trump seems content with anything that would remotely benefit him as he’s a wealthy businessman and is willing to go to any length to get what he wants, even throwing a tantrum.

     Under border security, he was blamed after the killing of two immigrant children who were killed under the care at border security from malnutrition and dehydration so it seems he’s completely okay with letting millions of Americans suffer for his stubbornness.

     “I feel like right not with the shutdown and everything, many people feel strongly towards it because all these agencies that are to help us are all suddenly closed and he’s willing to keep it up until he gets his wall,” said Briana Regan (‘21).

     Trump also met with with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday but when she refused to accept his demand for his border-wall it had him walking out of the White House meeting, calling it a “waste of his time.”

     Pelosi took a dig at Trump’s wealthy upbringing, saying: “He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money. But they can’t.”

     On January 8, Trump delivered a speech where he addressed the reasoning behind the shutdown, expressing that it was due to the drug trafficking that has made its way into the U.S. and the supposed human trafficking.

     That, however, is far from the truth as more drugs come in from major port cities and not from Mexico and less violence is committed by the immigrant population than the general population.

     So Trump’s claims about whatever he says this wall will do is fake, it won’t help the situation at all as it’s known that it’s all false.

    However, until Trump makes his decision, we’re stuck waiting and hoping it doesn’t lead into other problems.