North’s Spring Chorus Concert


A group of Show Choir students pose for picture after concert.

Citlalli Perez, News Editor

Belvidere North’s Music department has put together four choir concert during the 2018-2019 school year. Not only has North’s choir department put on multiple productions but North’s band students have also participated in various performances to the communities and school peers.

“As of this year, my friends pushed me to continue singing outside of school and that is through church choir! Singing in a different language is quite difficult but when your singing in your family’s native language is another story. I’ve had three solos in my Acapella and Show Choir experience which has been definitely been worth my wild,” said Diana Leanos (‘19).

The 7 of May was the last chorus concert for seniors in which many of them expressed their happiness, of participating in North’s choir department (for many the course of four years), through tears of joy.  

During the evening of the spring concert, a melody of ’90 and 2000s music played throughout the PAC auditorium at Belvidere High School.

Acapella sang Bless this House, Sicut Cervus, and If I Die Young.

Choraliers performed to Nothing’s gonna stop us now and Awesome 80s medley.

Mixed Choir sang to Come Back to the Sea.

“Choir has shaped me into the person I am today. I joined my Freshman year with the intention of only singing that year, but over the course of my Freshman year, I truly understood the impact and the importance of singing. Walking into the classroom filled me with a feeling of destressing, which was crucial throughout the school day since school was stressful as it was. I’ve become a member of Tri-M, which was unimaginable,” said Mariana Cardoso (19).

Although there was a massive hole put into the band department at the beginning of the year, North was able to hire a temporary band director, Mr. Muller to replace the well-known Mr. Aska. The student, most of them their last year, made the most of their experience putting aside the massive setback experienced.

As the seniors take their final walk through the doors of Belvidere North High School, the music wing, says farewell to a legacy of students who have shaped music and made history at North.

Some seniors don’t completely say goodbye to North’s music department as the Tennesse Trip during the days of May 26 to June 1 is their official final time to spend with friends and music directors.