Rocket man Movie Review


Olivia Frank, Reporter

Rocketman is a movie about Elton John, played by the young actor, Reginald Dwight. The movie is not based on true events or what actually happened. The movie is based off of what Elton John thought it was like being famous and on tour. Elton John works together with Singer-Songwriter, Bernie Tauper to become one of the most iconic musicians in pop-history.

The movie is set to one of Sir Elton John’s most loved songs. It’s an epic story about his musical breakthrough in the 1970s and his amazing transformation from timid piano prodigy to an international music icon. Many viewers that have seen the movie are in awe of Elton John’s supreme talent. Rocketman, as directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Lee Hall views Elton’s Life from the perspective of Rehab which he started in 1990.

The film takes place in 1983. One of the scenes shows Sir John attending a group meeting shows him in an orange feathered and goat horned stage costume. This shows how vivid, bright and colorful this movie portrays his life. The movie shows much overdramatic internal struggle. One being that Elton John calls himself the frontman and prides himself on that. He then goes and complains to his employees and performance mates about how he can’t go a minute without people recognizing him.

The movie shows the story behind many of his popular songs. Such as why they were written, what was going on in his life and when they were written. Lastly how his music helped him cope with the stress of being a performer in that generation.

Many viewers fell in love with this movie, but at the same time, many people had fair criticism of it. Joe Morgenstern of Wallstreet Journal, rated the movie very well, stating “The colors are stunning, the settings are striking and the energy is irresistible.” As well as one writer for Rolling Stone, Peter Travers states that the movie is “It’s more than a little bit funny how a great piece of acting can knock the hell out of tainted preconceptions” Many people loved the movie and even suggested that, given the chance, people see it again.