New Furniture

New Furniture

Susan Menzies

Justin Trimble, reporter

As North students returned to school this summer they noticed more than a few changes, new classroom furniture.

In my “professional” opinion these new furniture items are ordered from best to worst. 

There is new furniture placed in a few classes that are testing out a more comfortable learning environment. Replacing the overused rule of the common desk we can now use swivel chairs with armrests. There are now some desks that have an adjustable height. Not all classrooms have one, but, if you get lucky, you might have a Taller table with outlets on them. North’s couches and loveseats are very comfy. Along with swivel chairs, there are chairs that don’t have a back at all and have a pointed bottom for easy leaning in any direction. Some swivel chairs are attached to desks that swivel with the chair.

The swivel chairs with armrests are not a bad choice when walking in on the first day of school. They replaced the common stackable chair that is still in most classrooms. They are easily sat in and comfortable to do work in also when fidgeting it’s very easy to swivel back and forth in it. 

The taller tables have a similar type of chair just a different base with an adjustable height that could easily have a student be comfortable up to about 6’7” and down to about 5’. The outlets are also very convenient for a charging station for a Chromebook or a cell phone.

There are couches and loveseats that are also an option for the students to sit in but they are usually not accompanied by a desk. There are desks that pull around next to these couches but is too small to hold a high schooler’s work for one class period.

Getting down to the worst of the new furniture. One of the most common chairs along with the swivel chairs are the backless pointed bottom chairs. These chairs are a lot closer to the bottom of the list because they aren’t stable for a highschooler to sit on comfortably unless they are leaning against a wall. They are easy to fall and tip over if you distribute too much weight to one side of the chair.

Sadly that’s not the worst new item of furniture. The swivel chairs are very comfortable by themselves but for some reason, the company decided to put a small desk on the right side of the chair this desk is too short for comfortability for a highschooler. The metal arm holding the desk is too low and bangs against your leg. The desk itself is too short and many students have to bend over sitting down to write. The desk is too small to put a paper and a Chromebook on – there’s just not enough room on the desk. 

There are lots of changes coming to North every year and the new furniture overall was a very good one.