Halloween Carnival


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

  With the fall season rolling in quickly, it’s no surprise that the Halloween carnival is taking place once again this year. The Halloween Carnival is an event where all the clubs and organizations throughout the school prepare Halloween-related activities for kids elementary through middle school to participate in.

      While clubs and organizations prepare the activities for the community, they usually also have candy so kids have the opportunity to collect candy before Halloween.

      Kids that show up arrive in their Halloween costumes to enjoy the after school activity.

      The event in past years has been organized by DECA, but they usually switch off with student council. 

      The Halloween carnival asks for $1 admission to get in or an exchange of a non-perishable food item that is donated to feed the community of Belvidere. It takes place on Wednesday, October 30 from 5 – 7 p.m. 

       Throughout the two hour fun-filled event, clubs create games every year that vary from a giant bowling game, ring toss, Halloween crafts, and Halloween games including the Halloween bag toss.

      Science National Honor Society always has a fun-filled activity every year like creating colorful slime. 

      The Belvidere North choir board always has the activity of putting on a projector where kids can go and sit to watch a short, fall-related movie.

      Green club and Healthcare Careers Club in recent years has set up Halloween activities such as creating a skeleton out of Q-tips.

      “I have a younger brother and he has come to it since the school has done it and he likes it a lot, dressing up and getting candy before Halloween,” said Bri Reagan (‘21).

      The carnival has been a success every year it’s been put on, with a ton of kids showing up to have a fun time with their friends dressing up and collecting candy.

      “I have a niece and nephew and I know they like Halloween a lot and especially like the Halloween carnival every year because they have a lot of fun,” said Eduardo Nunez (‘20).

      Profits from the Halloween Carnival are used for school-related events and also for the upcoming year’s carnival.