What does High School mean to You?

Natalie Perez, Reporter

The infamous four years of high school can be very differently explained when you ask the simple question, “What is the high school experience?”. For many people, it wasn’t a one word answer. These four very special years hold memories many of us will never forget.

For seniors, nostalgia hits and excitement for this chapter of their lives to be over is almost unbearable. Sam Garcell (‘16)  and Jahdiel Zavala (‘16) share the confusion and the wisdom they have received over the last four years. Madisyn Mihalovitz (‘17), Caroline Flynn (‘17) Zariah Smith (‘18) and Ellie Cummings (‘19) all shared what high school meant to them as well, and what they think it should be.

What do you think the high school experience is? How would you describe it?

Garcell: It’s definitely a roller coaster. With every high school experience there’s always high and lows. Freshman year was pretty rough for everyone, that’s always a fact. And then junior year everything is so hard, especially with ACT’s and your hardest AP and honor classes.

Zavala: definitely a four year class. You learn so much more than what you learn inside your classes, and it’s definitely not like the movies at all. Although I do have to say school in mexico was a lot different.

Mihalovitz: It’s Interesting, i think it can get very hyped up at times. There’s some parts that are good and some that suck.

Flynn: I think it’s being involved. It’s not just coming to school at 7:55 and leaving at 2:55. It’s going to the football games, and being in the student section, trying out for a sport, just making school fun. You only get to do high school once. Walking out of high school next year I want to know I had a fun time with my friends and ready for the next chapter, college.

Smith: I would say it’s a fun and entertaining but it’s also a life changing experience for all of us. It’s fun to watch each other grow up and very entertaining to see all the things that go on in school from drama to just the class clowns. It’s where we find out who our true friends are. This is where we mature the most, it’s where our lives begin really.

Cummings: It’s hard work and fun. It’s a lot different from middle school,  and the age range is nice. I have a lot more freedom.


As a _____, what do you think you would have said as a Freshman? Do you think your perspective has changed?

Garcell: – yeah freshman year you’re excited, then as a senior you just want to be done, but you are looking at everything with the perspective  that that’s the last time you’re going to do those things. I wish I would’ve done more as a freshman, I didn’t really become involved until sophomore year.

Zavala: yes, a lot. I care a lot less than I did freshman year.  

Mihalovitz: yeah, I thought high school was a lot about school spirit and games, it’s really just a big social event and I think that’s why it sucks sometimes.

Flynn: no, as a freshman I loved going to the student section and going all out and that’s drifting away now so hopefully the underclassmen don’t mess up. Even though you’re new it’s still fun being a part of everything.

Smith: yeah, my perspective changed in the aspect that I realized I needed to try much harder if I wanted to get farther in life.


What would you change?

Garcell: Not much, I liked most of it, I just wish I would have done more freshman year

Zavala: how I handle some situations.

Mihalovitz:  nothing.

Flynn: not to mess around with my grades so badly freshman year and take it a bit more seriously.

Smith: not really, i’d probably just try harder freshman year.

Sometimes highschool can be a confusing mess, and sometimes it’s exactly what someone would expect. These four years will always be memorable because this is where many people grow up. It’s where kids become adults, people find themselves, we see heartbreak and friendships form and at the same time dissolve.Regardless of whether or not one chooses to participate heavily, or just fly under the radar, high school is unforgettable.