Meghan Markle and Prince Harry split from Royal Family


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

Since the announcement that royals, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, will be stepping down from their “senior” roles as members of the royal family, talk surrounding what will come of their relationship with the royal family and what that will mean for the couple who will be relieved from royal duties and be able to pursue other opportunities without consulting the Queen. 

       Renouncing their positions has raised questions such as will they lose their titles after their now named “Megxit,” named after “Brexit,” what does it mean they’ll do now, among others.            This came after an emergency meeting between the royal family was held on January 13 at her Sandringham palace, the Queen giving the couple an “Ok” to their plans for change. 

        The couple in their official announcement, expressed their want to become financially independent, splitting their time between the UK and America. 

         “It was a shock to me, I remember I watched their wedding and it was such a big thing and now they want to split from the family is just…wow,” said Citlalli Perez (‘20).

        One question that arose after their announcement is who will pay for their security while abroad and in Britain. Shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry said on BBC’s Andrew Marr show that she believes the security they received as royal family members should continue just the same, British taxpayers paying for their security while 66% of British taxpayers said they shouldn’t.

        The Queen made a statement addressing the issue, not saying anything about their titles being taken away from them while she didn’t address them by their titles in her statement, leaving some to wonder if they will actually lose their titles just like Princess Diana had after divorcing Prince Charles in 1996.

        In her rare first-person statement, the Queen wrote, “although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.” 

         She also spoke about their efforts to develop a “charitable entity” that would benefit the world in their times of need. 

          Some took this as a way of the Queen wants to get rid of the couple for good after the Sandringham Summit on Monday.

          “I’m glad they are taking a step back from what seemed to be a “toxic” environment, especially for their new baby. It’s for the good of their family,” said Giselle Munoz (‘20).     

          A Times report on Sunday gave fuel to the fire after saying the cause for the split was “bullying” by Prince William, though the brothers released a joint statement, proving the story to be false. But even now after the summit, news about how tense the relationship between the brothers had over the past two years has been circulating. 

          There are also talk among those who followed the royal couple that Harry has been miserable since his time out of the royal army.

         Meghan Markle was seen out in Vancouver, Canada, on Tuesday, heading to a women’s center via plane. She looked happy as it is speculated that since the decision with Harry to leave the royal family, she is now stress-free.

         What is next for the royals is unknown now, rumors being persistent in the recent shock to the royal family and those who are fans of the young couple.