Victory at the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition


Olivia Frank, Reporter

     The Belvidere North Snow Sculpting Team competed in the annual State competition held at Sinnissippi Park. The Belvidere North Snow Sculpting team beat out all 16 other high school teams winning both the artists choice award and first place overall. 

     Team members Liz Hare (‘20), Bella Kazluski (‘20), Valaria Walters (‘22) and Grace Ozark (‘21) did an amazing job creating the winning sculpture. The team sculpture was called “Foul Weather Friends.” The characters are Snow and Heat miser from the classic Christmas movie, The year without a Santa Claus, made in 1974.

       “ It was a combination of hard work and creativity and it was wonderful being with the people I had on my team. I met a lot of other people through this experience” says Liz Hare.

     High school teams can win first, second,  third place, People’s Choice, Committee’s Choice, the Artist’s Choice, and the Linda K. White Spirit Award. Teams start their work at noon on Thursday and have until Saturday morning at 10:00 am to finish. A sculpture can be anything, but the winning teams have all chosen inter themes which seem to rank well with the voters. In the past, teams have sculpted things like animals, dinosaurs, monsters, Viking warriors, skulls, wild west themed saloons and an outhouse. All in all, everyone did a great job. Congratulations Belvidere North Sculpters.