Natalie Abramat
What’s one thing you suck at? : Well, most people know me for my chattiness, so I suck at being quiet or less energetic.

What was your favorite kids show growing up? :  My favorite had to be Kim Possible. She was empowering and just a great show overall.

Describe your personality with food. : My personality would have to be like a three musketeers bar. I seem hard or edgy on the outside, but I'm a softie on the inside.

Invent your own pick up line? : Pick up lines are totally cheesy, and I can't think of any...

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live? :  Definitely somewhere out west like Wyoming where you get like a hundred acres of land all to yourself and you're basically isolated from people. Oh yeah, and it's gorgeous out there.

Natalie Abramat, Reporter

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Natalie Abramat