Bass Fishing starts season


Camden Johnson

Seniors Camden Johnson and Jack McCarty fish

Camden Johnson , Reporter

The Bass fishing team has been an official club and team for two years. The club was started in 2013 and competition started that year. That year there were six fisherman that fished in the tournament, Max Hellman (‘13), Colton Gritzmacher (‘16), Jack McCarty (‘16), Austin Risch (‘15), Camden Johnson (‘16) and Dalton Kowalkowski (‘13). Gritzmacher was the only one to catch a fish. He caught 3.02 pound smallmouth bass.

     The next year was a complete opposite. The team took second with 11.96 pounds with a 4.50 pound bass that Johnson caught. That year they also qualified for the state tournament. The state tournament is held at Carlyle Lake in Southern Illinois. That tournament is a two day tournament. The first day the team did not catch a single fish. The second day the team caught three fish and they weighed 7.92 pounds. That bag also included the biggest bass of the second day of the tournament. Jack McCarty caught a 4.45 pound bass. They ended up taking 29th place out of 66 teams. The only other NIC-10 team that qualified for state caught one fish that weighed a small 2.3 pounds. Boylan took 55th place.

     The 2015 year was a step backwards for the team. At the sectional tournament the team caught around 50 fish but none of the fish weighed over three pounds. The team took 7th at the tournament with only 8.28 pounds.

     That year their coach, Mr. Jason Penuel, left his teaching position at North for a position at Woodstock North. The team was uncertain about who was going to be the coach for 2016 until Mr. James Ryan who is also the offensive coordinator for the football team accepted the job.

     The 2016 team only has four returning seniors, Jack McCarty, Matt Martelin and Camden Johnson. Martelin said “I feel we will do well seeing how we have four returning seniors and we have all fished the sectional at Rock Cut. I think we have a pretty good chance of qualifying both boats for state.”  The sectional tournament is on May 6th at Pierce lake in Rock Cut State Park.