North’s Top Chef


Photo provided by Mrs. Kathleen Lovins

Two of north’s students being interviewed

Kelsey Lancaster, Reporter

     Recently, Career Education Associates of North Central Illinois have started hosting Future Top Chef events for the local high school students.

     There were five students from Belvidere North and they were all separated onto different teams. To test their culinary skills; they competed in making different sandwiches using McDonald’s ingredients.

     All the participants were given a chef’s jacket to wear in their culinary classes. As they worked with McDonald’s crew members, they were able to experiment with different ingredients to create a unique sandwich.

     Through completing this challenge it sharpens the participants’ creativity. It gave them a chance to experience working in the food industry. They demonstrated unique recipes and served them to different judges. “It’s fun to try new things, so why not start it with something we all love, like food” said Ben Samples (‘17). Samantha Gill (‘16) and Alberto Barrientos (‘16) all were named Junior Chef Stars and were given embroidered chef’s hats.