The dress code: is it truly necessary?


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Many school dress codes would disallow the outfits worn in this picture.

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

     Dress code, the thing everyone hates to worry about. Unfortunately it is a thing, and to most it is an active rule that isn’t applied for the right reasons.  

     Girls and guys are getting punished for they way they dress all the time but is it really even worth it?

     It’s pointless. A dress code should be created by the students at school. If what everyone says is true, that some articles of clothing are an overall distraction, let the kids decide what that is. For example, a shirt that has no shoulders. Who gets distracted by a shoulder? Another question is: who is truly concerned about showing shoulders? Is it the teachers, or the students? Students all go outside of school and see each other in clothes that aren’t acceptable at school. It’s not like these clothes are a foreign object to our eyes.

    The dress code includes rules like no holes above the knee, no shoulders showing, no short skirts, dresses, or shorts also. Some of these rules make sense. Obviously nobody wants to see a stranger’s undergarments, but people are not going to go out and  buy new clothes just to abide this code.

        “I think dress code isn’t that necessary. If someone wants to wear a shirt that shows their shoulders who cares. Nobody gets distracted by the clothes people are wearing,” said Nick Quinley (‘18).

     The dress code is necessary for some items of clothing, such as gang symbols, drug-related clothing, and profane clothing, but the dress code is taken too far when girls aren’t allowed to wear dresses because they’re a centimeter too short, or boys have to change into a P.E. uniform because their shoulders are ‘too distracting.’

     Overall, is the dress code really necessary? Students of all styles agree that a dress code is something that shouldn’t be one of the most important focuses at a high school.