Rec Night Information

Makayla Stein, Reporter

    North’s students may have heard about the first ever student Rec Night. The student council and Mrs. Martha Rathbun will be hosting the event. All of the money will go towards lowering prom ticket costs. Rec night will take place on Mar. 12 from 5 to 9pm. There will be many engaging activities for everyone to participate in. A 60 foot long inflatable obstacle course will be set up in the cafeteria and a full size laser tag course in the gym. Students are required to sign up for laser tag when they buy their tickets since slots are limited. Groups can sign up as well as individuals to battle in the course.

    However, laser tag and an obstacle course aren’t the only entertainment planned to be present at Rec Night. There will also be a bungee run, a DJ, dancing and food. Tickets will be sold during lunch for $10 each from Feb. 29 until Mar. 11.