Improv Anonymous Final Show


Photo provided by Jordan Ceniseros('16)

The Improve Anonymous club posing for a picture.

Emily Teagardin, Reporter

     It’s back…  you know you wanna… that’s right  it’s Improv Anonymous. The club at Belvidere North where a variety of students participate in playing games or short skits.  Family, friends, anyone really, are all welcome to watch the Improv group. It keeps the students on  their feet and creates a light and comical show.  This year the club is full of mostly upperclassmen and one freshman. On the average there are usually four shows per year.

  For those who aren’t the athletic type, Improv is a great way to have fun and get on stage. You don’t have to be a part of theater to be in Improv, anybody is welcome to join!

     Mrs. Taylor is the advisor of  Improv and has been for the past few years. You can stop in Mrs. Taylor’s classroom or any current members of Improv Anonymous if you’re interested in joining the following year.

     There is a workshop our Improv is attending on March 5 with surrounding schools from the Chicago suburbs. They will play games with the other schools and see what they can learn from others.

     The next Improv show is on March 17. Tickets are usually $3 at the door. This is the last show of the year, you won’t want to miss it!