NHS and Tri-M Induction

Kaitlynn Trimble, Sports Editor

     National Honor Society is a prestigious honors society at Belvidere North that only allows good all-round students join their society. To even be invited to to apply you must be an upperclassmen and have a 3.5 GPA or higher.

     The program is extremely selective and applicants must list on their applications all of their other extracurriculars; sports, Belvidere North clubs, church programs, etc.

     After their applications have been filled out the names are removed and a group of selected teachers read through and determine based only on their application whether the individual will uphold the National Honor Society’s values.

     This semester’s new members include Elizabeth Darling (‘17), Morgan Ceniseros (‘17), Bailey Neiber (‘17), Miranda Zuroske (‘17), Jordan Andrews (‘17), Alyssa Stamper (‘17), Czerina Quillao (‘17), Eden Stapler (‘17), Haley McCoy (‘17), Elise Rand (‘17), Ellyn Boatman (‘17), Katelyn Kehrer (‘17), John Steward (‘17), Ashleigh Liebenberg (‘17), Emily Hallett (‘17), Laurel Burke (‘17), and Abbie Becker (‘17).

     Another honor society at North who was accepting members recently is Tri-M. Tri-M is the honor society for the music department at North.

     To become a member one must have been involved in at least two semesters of band or music, about 15 hours of service to the music department, and have a GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.75 GPA in music.

     The newest members inducted into this honor society are Victoria Bolonkowski (‘17), Eileen Bunt (‘18), Morgan Ceniseros (‘17), Amanda Cole (‘16), Christina Costanza (‘16), Alexis Dedmond (‘17), Sabrina Elder (‘18), Emma Gawaran (‘), Thomas Klosowski (‘17), Bailey Kroos (‘18), Jessica Lillibridge (‘18), McKenna Mosher (‘18), Bailey Neiber (‘17), Danielle Olszewski (‘18), Czerina Quillao (‘17), Gracie Thies (‘17), Tami Weiland (‘18), Celine Wis (‘17), and Miranda Zuroske (‘17).