What Obama has done right


Photo taken from whitehouse.gov

President Barack Obama

Reilly Signor, Reporter

      Since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in 2008 and reelected in 2012, people say he hasn’t done anything good for this country or “is the worst president in a long time.” But there are facts to prove otherwise.

     According to www.factcheck.org, the United States has 5 times more jobs under President Obama than President George W. Bush, and overall weekly earnings are up 1.7%. In 2014, it was reported that the unemployment rate went down 5.6% compared to 7.3% of the United States population at the end of 2008. Currently, the rate has gone down even more to 4.9%. In accordance to that, long term employment has increased by 86,000.

     “The Affordable Care Act was designed to improve access, affordability, and quality of health care in the United States.” In the past five years, 2.3 million African American adults have gotten coverage along with 4.2 million Latinos and 7.7 million women have gained healthcare.

     “If somebody told you seven years ago we’d have 4.9 percent unemployment, 20 million newly insured, gas at a buck-eighty, deficits cut by three-quarters, marriage equality a reality, bin Laden out of the picture, Wall Street reform in place — you wouldn’t have believed it,” sa President Obama himself at the DNC Reception in Austin, TX. These reforms  crucial elements to becoming a better United States.

     Gun control is a topic that comes with a lot of controversy and it’s clear to both sides of the argument that something needs to be changed with it. To improve the overall safety and wellbeing of the country, gun buyer background checks have gone up 46%. These are the changes pro gun control supporters are talking about; not taking away the average citizen’s right to bear arms.

     On the other hand, with 2015 being the warmest year ever, taking care of the environment is something everyone should be taking seriously at this point. Other forms of energy are needed at this time and under President Obama, wind and solar power usage is up 248%.

      In the end, whether you like President Obama or not, there’s no denying that he’s made positive impacts on the United States in the eight years he’s been in office.