MLB season is underway in 2 weeks


Photo provided by Matt Belinson

The 2015 season will be underway in 2 weeks

Matt Belinson, Reporter

     Major League Baseball had a unique and unexpected season last year. The National League Central Division exploded with teams ready to make a case for a world Series championship.

     This upcoming season has high expectations for a team that is synonymous with losing. The Chicago Cubs have made the push to win a World Series title. Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and John Lackey have made this team’s ceiling high.

      The Cubs aren’t the only team with expectations to win this year. The New York Mets tore through the field last year with a three-headed monster of a pitching staff. Matt Harvey, Jacob Degrom and Noah Syndegard led the Mets past the Cubs in the National League Championship series.

      The American League has teams that are eyeing the crown. The Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays and others have talent emerging. The Blue Jays easily won their division last year and hope to get back to October baseball.

      The Royals lost a lot of talent but are still in the hunt. With two world series appearances and one win in the last two years, things in Kansas City look solid.

      Story-lines are abundant even when there are no games being played at the moment.

      The Chicago White Sox have been in a swirl of controversy lately. The White Sox’s Adam Laroche has been bringing his son into the spring training dugouts, practices and games this offseason. The White Sox organization told Laroche he could no longer bring his son to the facilities.

      As a response, he retired and now most of the players are on his side. Many say he should leave his kid away from the professional workplace with grown men, but others say the relationship shouldn’t change.

      The final storyline to check out is the new idea of pitching helmets. The MLB saw a strong increase in pitchers being hit by line drives from batters last year.

      The MLB realizes that head trauma is becoming a big problem in the NFL and wants to get ahead of it. The Pittsburgh Pirates are testing out the new helmets for prototype useage. The helmets might be implemented toward the end of the year or next season. Fans and players want safety for all on the field.

      America’s pastime is gearing up for another fun and exciting year. With opening day on April 3, it soon will be time to “Play Ball!”