Apple Products

Emily Teagardin, Reporter

      Apple products are one of the most popular computer devices around the world the past years. The comeback of Apple products has skyrocketed  from 1997 to 2001. (  It seems like every time you turn around, Apple has released a new iPhone, iPad or iMac. When you buy the new iPhone for Christmas, only a few months later there is an announcement for the next new and improved iPhone.

     From 2007-2011 iPhones, iPads, and more, have become extremely popular worldwide. To this day, iPhones are still the top phones, where the Galaxy Samsung phone trails close behind.

    If you walk into an Apple Store, you can see every person from a child to the elderly completely infatuated with the products. Every new iPhone or iPad seems to get larger and larger. Will Apple keep increasing the size of their mobile products or at some point will they decrease the size?

      Apple Products have a look meant to be sleek and fancy. They also have many features they originally came out  with to set them apart from other competitors. According to consumers they have great audio for music Netflix and youtube videos, as well as amazing quality on the camera with 8 megapixels, improved battery life on the iPhone 6s from the iPhone 5s or iPhone 4s.

      There are two products that were released this past month. The iPhone 6 SE was released on Mar. 31. It has all the physical qualities, size of 4 inches and the shape of the iPhone 5 that many people enjoyed.  It has the internal qualities of the iPhone 6s and more. This iPhone has the better camera quality of 8 megapixels, Apple Pay and increased battery life. The price starts at $399 for this iPhone. ( The iPad Pro was released on Mar. 21. It is a smaller more affordable version than the other versions of the past iPads. The screen is 9.7 inches and is identical to the size of the iPad Air 2.