Fishing Spots


Camden Johnson, reporter

     There are many places that are less than 30 minutes away where you can go fishing and will most likely have success. Rock Cut has two lakes that are both very productive, Olsen Lake and then the main lake, Pierce Lake.

     On Pierce Lake the best spots to try are the points and near the concession stand. There are docks near the concession stand that hold many fish such as Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Walleye, and Catfish. The most productive methods at Pierce Lake are wax worms on a bobber, wacky worms and jigs.

     If you are 16 and older you can rent a boat at the concession stand for hourly rates. There are kayaks, canoes, stand up boards, pedal boats and even fishing boats. The canoes, kayaks, stand up boards and pedal boats are $12.50 an hour and the fishing boats are $18 or $22 an hour.

     Olsen Lake is very shallow so it is also filled with seaweed. The best methods are wacky worms and topwater frogs. The best spots in Olsen lake are near the beach and the spillway. The creek that flows out of the lake is also a very productive spot in the spring and fall as the fish are following the baitfish into the creek.

    Another spot is in Belvidere Park below the dam. Below the dam, the fish stack up behind rocks to escape the current and find food. One excellent bait to use is a bass jig and you will most likely catch fish. Common species to catch are Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and Catfish. Another spot in Belvidere park is the mill race. The fish will move up into the still water to find food and rest. If you are fishing there you will need a special addition to your fishing license. You are required to buy an inland trout stamp because there are trout stocked into the mill race every winter.

     Candlewick Lake is also a very productive spot if you have permission to fish it. If you don’t have permission and you are caught fishing it there is a hefty fine. But the lake is very productive. The lake has Bass, Walleye, Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Catfish, Musky and Northern Pike, all of which are caught regularly. The best baits to use are crankbaits, jigs, and wacky worms.

     There are also many farm ponds and neighborhood ponds that are in the surrounding area. Those are private though. The best way to get access to fish them is to just ask the owner. It is better to ask permission to fish than ask forgiveness for trespassing.