IHSA Divisions

Gracie Thies, Reporter

     A few current Belvidere North sports have switched to a different division classification this year. Baseball and softball were moved to the 4A division because of the the amount of students  at Belvidere North.

     There are different classification ranges for each sport in IHSA. Baseball and softball were moved to 4A because Belvidere has 1,443 students this year and the 4A range is 1,440 and over. The classification cutoffs for each sport are determined by taking the entire field from the previous term, updating the enrollment of every entry and dividing the field into equal groups.

     Schools like Boylan and Immanuel Lutheran have a multiplied enrollment because they are able to recruit athletes to compete in any of their sports. For example, Boylan’s enrollment is 1,011 students, but their multiplied enrollment is 1,668 students. IHSA school enrollments change on Sept. 30 each year and are also based on the amount of success for a school in the IHSA state series.

     Belvidere North has grown each year and that means each sport may switch to a different division and be forced to play with bigger schools in the state. It’s not always good for North sports to be moved to a bigger division because it’s harder to compete with bigger schools that may have more talented athletes.

     “The last few years, for Girls Track and Field, we have won Conference and Sectionals because we were in class 2A. Now we’re in 3A and we compete with schools in the suburbs of Chicago that are larger than our school. It gives us better competition, but it’s more difficult than competing in class 2A,” said Emily Teagardin (‘16).

     The divisions are always changing, but once a school reaches the highest division they can no longer move up to another division.