Best of the Award Shows


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Country singer Chris Stapleton with five of his awards at the Academy of Country Music award show.

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

      Mostly everyone loves to listen to music and; watch TV series or;  movies, but does anyone really appreciate all the actors’ hard work in that moment?  No, but on certain days almost 30 million people tune in to celebrate musicians, or actors hard work.  Award shows pull in millions of viewers, and are one of the most talked about televised programs.

      The Grammys is by far the most popular award show in America.  In 2016, the Grammys celebrated their 58th birthday and had 28.3 million people celebrate with them.  The Grammy foundation gives away over 50 awards.  One of the top honors is Album of the Year, which Taylor Swift won with her album called 1989.  Another title with high recognition is Song of the Year.  Ed Sheeran won that award with his song “Thinking Out Loud”.  The Grammys recognize celebrities work and give back to them by awarding them with a Grammy trophy.

      Another award show that recently happened was the Oscars. The Oscars aired in February, and that program also recognizes thousands of actor/actresses.  A popular Oscar that was awarded that night was Male Lead Role which Leonardo DiCaprio won. The best animated film was Inside Out.  The Oscars have been around for 88 annual broadcasts.  The next Oscars will air February 26th, 2017.

      On April third, the Academy of Country Music award show  took place, and recognized country artists for their albums and hit singles.  Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley hosted the ACMS and performed during the program.  Popular artist Chris Stapleton won more than one award.  He is a newer country artist and stole the stage by winning four awards.  Stapleton is being called the new music dominate.  

      Also on April third, the iHeartradio awards aired on TBS, and awarded a variety of musicians. Justin Bieber performed along with Chris Brown, G-Eazy, Jason Derulo, and many others. Taylor Swift also was again awarded for her 1989 album.

      All in all, there are an endless amounts of award shows, but those four are some of the most talked about ones out of all of them.  The nights these air, social media is out of control and millions of viewers all tune in to see their favorite celebrities be nominated, and potentially awarded.