How belvidere students spent spring break


Photo provided by Sarah Redig

Belvidere North student Sarah Redig (’18) enjoying the weather at Roatan, Honduras

Kayleigh Phillips, Reporter

     Spring Break… One week at the end of March with no responsibilities. However, in Belvidere spring break wasn’t really a spring break, it was just another winter break. With snow and chilling temperatures, anyone who didn’t ship off to warmer weather was stuck inside.

      As one of the many students who left for warmer weather, Peyton Flynn (‘18) drove to Destin Florida for break. She said, “My favorite part was spending everyday on the beach, boogie boarding and enjoying the warm weather.”  Flynn also said that they were able to eat at McGuire’s Restaurant, which is one of the most popular restaurants in Destin. She enjoyed visiting the surf shops and said she would definitely go back. Flynn also said the only boring part of the trip was the sixteen hour car ride.

      Another sophomore, Sera Redig (‘18), also traveled somewhere hotter. She boarded a cruise the Saturday after school got out and docked in Belize City, Belize; Roatan, Honduras; and Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise line she was on was called Norwegian Cruise, and her favorite stop was Roatan, Honduras. During the day she enjoyed tanning on deck, swimming, and snorkeling. During the stops she visited a place called Little French Keys in Roatan, and a private island in Mexico. She said she would go back without a doubt and nothing really boring or uninteresting happened while on the trip.

     Brynn Lambrecht (‘18) also went somewhere warm, she went to Las Vegas for the week. While there she watched the Cubs’ and the Mets’ spring training. “My favorite parts were getting to see the Blue Man Group and spending everyday by the pool. I also got to meet up with a friend of mine for the very first time.  We had been texting on and off for the past two year so when we were in the same city we had to meet up,” said Lambrecht.  She enjoyed sharing this time with her family and a couple friends.

     All is well and good if you left for spring break, but for those who stayed, there were many things to do locally.  Sport tournaments and meets, a lot of new movies were in the theater, and if all those failed, there was always just hanging out with friends.

     Whether you stay home or travel, spring break can be fun if you spend it with the right people. If you didn’t have the perfect one this year or didn’t go where you wanted to go, there’s always next year.